To rent an apartment without the risk

Do you have a free apartment and you want to make money from it? The rent of the apartment will make you good cash. A good option is to rent your apartment to relatives or good friends. However, this is rarely possible. And though many owners are afraid to let in their house strangers, in most cases there is simply no other option. Therefore, the desire to earn additional income takes over in this situation.
There are several ways to find a roommate in New York. You can advertise your apartment via media, newspapers and internet. Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to find the perfect tenant.
Before you start looking for tenants for your apartment, you need to get familiar with the prices on the market. This is easily done by looking at similar ads of real estate on the Internet and special publications. Find few apartments in ads that are similar to yours and set the average price. If your apartment has a special features (expensive furniture, appliances, etc.) – you can safely increase the cost of the rent, – lovers of comfort will not spare the money.
Once you decided on a specific price for your room, you need to start an advertising campaign for his apartment. Try to advertise in specialized newspapers and be ready to receive calls.

New York is a huge city, and there are thousands of offers. People are different, try to find a married couple with or without kids. In most cases, young couples and married ones is the best choice for a realtor. Those who have already had experience of renting their apartment know that there are always complications. Delays in payment, the complaint of noisy neighbors to residents – and it’s not all. After the departure of tenants almost certainly you will need to do redecorate the apartment, plus the possible unpleasant surprises in the form of unpaid phone bills, broken furniture. Not to mention the fact that residents can suddenly leave and at the same time “forget” to pay. Therefore, the payment for accommodation must be paid for two months or more in advance. If you don’t want to go through all the problems that could appear in the process, try to find a specialized agency that will find for you a tenant for a moderate price.