Tips for those who want to rent an apartment


It is really important to know what kind of neighbors are living behind your apartment’s wall. If you are a young family, usually only couples have no problems with their neighbors. More problematic is for students to maintain the relationships between the neighbors. Constant parties are always a problem for all neighbors. Ads are usually sound this way;”Need a roommate” or “Looking for quiet roommate in New York”. It is also important to remember about the windows. Optimally, if the windows face the courtyard, on the south side, then the apartment will be warmer, lighter and quieter.

Sanitary engineering

Plumbing – this is the most unreliable thing in the apartment. As a rule, people that are prepared to rent an apartment are “twirling” all the flaws. So if you see a small leak, it is likely it will soon become a big problem. Carefully check the condition of plumbing. If you find even a little problem in the plumbing, try to negotiate with the owner that the cost of the repairs will be made jointly or by the owner. If the repairs will be done by you then try to cut the monthly price.

Phone, Internet

Ask the owner if a phone is paired. If you need high-speed Internet access, check whether the house is connected to the LAN. It’s better to know in advance from the owners or agent, but you can on the spot: if the house is connected to the Internet. Hear dial tone on the telephone. It should be smooth and loud, with no interference. The best way to test the phone is to call someone from the apartment and call the apartment.

Keys and Locks

If you live with a roommate then you definitely need a new lock and keys. Check the locks, including the mailbox. You must have the keys to all locks. It is really important to be protected from unexpected visits not only of the owner but also past tenants.


Usually, the owner pays for all except electricity, phone and Internet. This should immediately negotiate and reflect this in the rent. It is best to find a roommate in New York than living alone and paying all alone. Not only it will pay off but living with a roommate is way more fun, perspective and enjoying.