How to prepare an apartment for rent

Once you decided to rent your apartment, you can immediately call in real estate. Shortly, your apartment is sure to be handed over. It is recommended by the experts that before the rent, you must check the apartment and prepare it. First thing you should do is decide – are you going to rent your apartment on long term, or short term (for 24 hours).
If you’re planning a long-term rent an apartment, it would be good to prepare for this, primarily to increase its value. To heavily invest in the repairs does not make sense, so make it simple.
1. The door to the apartment must be of steel, with good lock.
2. You should redecorate the room, using inexpensive materials. Remember that expensive repairs are not substantially raising the rent. Make sure that plumbing is in good condition and is working properly. There is another way: to negotiate with the tenants, that they would undertake cosmetic repairs and cut the rent fee for few months.
3. Try to get rid of old furniture, just cluttering the room. The required minimum is 2-3 beds, wardrobe a table and kitchen furniture.
4. Most tenants want to rent an apartment with a refrigerator and TV. In recent years, has significantly increased the number of people who want a washing machine. Phone is not that big of a deal, considering the fact that almost every person has a cell phone. Internet or WI-FI connection is a must have. Make at least a minimal effort to the apartment and so that it will be clean, comfortable and well-groomed.

Those simple things are the minimal requirement for the apartments of low class. Elite class apartments have completely different requirements. The object of attention of a wealthy client is not only the apartment itself, but also the district, and the house, the availability of guarded parking lot. Entrance must be clean, preferably with a concierge. To make the apartment look more elite, it is preferably to use the services of a designer. It is also recommended to choose stylish furniture that corresponds to a single design space. Strive to ensure that the apartment was equipped with all necessary equipment, including air conditioning and dishwasher.