How to choose an apartment for the very first time

Before you go and rent an apartment, there are several steps:
Suitable apartment – it is really hard to find good and cheap offer that will not only satisfy your needs, but also the owner. If you found already the apartment, first thing you should do is check it for defects to state them from the very beginning to the owner. This will save you from future problems. Another important part is papers to make the deal official.
So how do you find a roommate in New York? You must first decide whether you want an apartment with a roommate or just for yourself.
To make a good choice, there are several things too look up for. Ecological issues, especially related to air quality, are things that must not be taken lightly. The major poison environment is industry and transport.
It is best to look for an apartment in the green zone, closer to the park or lakes if possible. However such places are more expensive.

You have defined the area where you want to live? Now, you can go to the selection of the apartment. The comfort and convenience of the apartment is determined by a number of important parameters:
1 The distance to your work, school, college etc…
2 The status and environmental cleanliness of the district
3 Distance to the nearest Bus stop or Subway
4 On what floor is your apartment, size of the room and of course number of rooms
5 And last but not least is the room, kitchen and bathroom layout.

There are other ways to find an apartment. You can find a friend with a room or use agency that will help too choose for you a room with or without a roommate. Of course the best option is to rent residence with the help of a professional and experienced realtor – a real estate guru who will watch your every move. When you look for a place to stay, a room that will be your home for few years, it is very important to see all the pro and cons of your future room. There may be several hidden flaws is the apartment that cannot be predicted and seen even before the rent. You should pay attention to walls, windows and doors. It is bad if the room is located on the top floor, summer sun will not let you live there, your place will be too bright and hot while winter will be cold and dark. The defect, which is not visible to the eyes, is so-called mold on the walls. To get rid of the fungus will be very difficult and expensive.