How to choose an apartment and do not regret it?

No one will argue that rent of real estate is a big event. And this event must be measured and calculated from different parts.

There is no perfect apartment.

When a man says he wants to buy or rent an apartment, in his mind there is a certain image of the ideal apartment. Women however already see their home with pretty vases on a window sill grow wild violets, and the kitchen that is clean and sterile. However if you are a student and you need a spare room so that you could think clearly and have your personal life then it is best to find a roommate. It is not hard to find a roommate in New York if you are looking in right places and take right decisions. When choosing an apartment, throw out all your illusions from the head of a perfect apartment.
First impressions are not always the most correct

Sometimes people that just stepped on the threshold of an apartment immediately turn around and walk away. Do not ever when you look at an apartment do not give in to emotions. Since you came into this apartment, look carefully to the end.
Insist to show you the apartment at daylight.

Many apartments hide some of the drawbacks in an artificial light, so it is best to look on the apartment while it is daylight. If the renter is stubbornly refusing to show the apartment during the day, then it is obvious that he has something to hide. The best time for a display is noon. You will be able to assess the natural light: the sun peering into an apartment. Even if the apartment is in its layout and location you like, you still need to know whether it is necessary to invest additional funds to repair these components or not.

Imagine that you live here already.

Let’s say you have found a suitable alternative and a good roommate. Imagine for a moment that you are living already in the same room together. Think about the privacy, hygiene and rules that must be followed. There should not be any problem living with someone, when the two of you follow the rules. It is best to rent an apartment with a friend. This way there won’t be any inconvenience. Also check for the possibility of parking, public bus or a subway to quickly get to your work or university. Distance to the nearest shop and social facility.
If you have problems or just have no time looking for an apartment by yourself or during daytime, there are agencies that help in this situation. Or there are several website where you can look for an apartment online, and after you make the choice just contact the dealer and it’s done.
I hope these little tips will help you find a good apartment and go through the select process without any nerve.