How to choose an apartment for the very first time

Before you go and rent an apartment, there are several steps:
Suitable apartment – it is really hard to find good and cheap offer that will not only satisfy your needs, but also the owner. If you found already the apartment, first thing you should do is check it for defects to state them from the very beginning to the owner. This will save you from future problems. Another important part is papers to make the deal official.
So how do you find a roommate in New York? You must first decide whether you want an apartment with a roommate or just for yourself.
To make a good choice, there are several things too look up for. Ecological issues, especially related to air quality, are things that must not be taken lightly. The major poison environment is industry and transport.
It is best to look for an apartment in the green zone, closer to the park or lakes if possible. However such places are more expensive. Continue reading

How to choose an apartment and do not regret it?

No one will argue that rent of real estate is a big event. And this event must be measured and calculated from different parts.

There is no perfect apartment.

When a man says he wants to buy or rent an apartment, in his mind there is a certain image of the ideal apartment. Women however already see their home with pretty vases on a window sill grow wild violets, and the kitchen that is clean and sterile. However if you are a student and you need a spare room so that you could think clearly and have your personal life then it is best to find a roommate. It is not hard to find a roommate in New York if you are looking in right places and take right decisions. When choosing an apartment, throw out all your illusions from the head of a perfect apartment.
First impressions are not always the most correct Continue reading

Tips for those who want to rent an apartment


It is really important to know what kind of neighbors are living behind your apartment’s wall. If you are a young family, usually only couples have no problems with their neighbors. More problematic is for students to maintain the relationships between the neighbors. Constant parties are always a problem for all neighbors. Ads are usually sound this way;”Need a roommate” or “Looking for quiet roommate in New York”. It is also important to remember about the windows. Optimally, if the windows face the courtyard, on the south side, then the apartment will be warmer, lighter and quieter. Continue reading

How to prepare an apartment for rent

Once you decided to rent your apartment, you can immediately call in real estate. Shortly, your apartment is sure to be handed over. It is recommended by the experts that before the rent, you must check the apartment and prepare it. First thing you should do is decide – are you going to rent your apartment on long term, or short term (for 24 hours).
If you’re planning a long-term rent an apartment, it would be good to prepare for this, primarily to increase its value. To heavily invest in the repairs does not make sense, so make it simple. Continue reading

To rent an apartment without the risk

Do you have a free apartment and you want to make money from it? The rent of the apartment will make you good cash. A good option is to rent your apartment to relatives or good friends. However, this is rarely possible. And though many owners are afraid to let in their house strangers, in most cases there is simply no other option. Therefore, the desire to earn additional income takes over in this situation.
There are several ways to find a roommate in New York. You can advertise your apartment via media, newspapers and internet. Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to find the perfect tenant. Continue reading